Mission and Core Values

H5 Production's "Mission" is committed to providing our clients with the technology, talent and teamwork that will assist them in achieving and even expanding the possibilities of their creative vision.


At H5 Productions we believe in the power of the art of film to uplift and inspire - to open the eyes and imaginations of people everywhere - to foster communication, to forward ideas and to touch the soul.


We believe in collaboration - because each individual is bestowed with personal gifts from God.  We believe that wondrous things can be achieved when great people come together with the right tools in the right setting to explore the possibilities at the intersection of their unique talents.


Our soundstage is the natural world - the earth and the sky. We believe in responsible stewardship of the environment. We endeavor to capture the splendor of creation on film and are committed to leaving every location as pristine as possible once a shoot has wrapped.

The “SaberCat1” crew plans the optimum flight path for every mission to reduce the amount of time in the air and to avoid environmentally or noise sensitive areas. We use the most sophisticated GPS devices available in conjunction with aviation maps to plan our routes. Avoiding known wildlife areas, or remaining downwind of these areas, reduces our impact. With any helicopter, noise is a factor. Our pilots reduce helicopter noise through altitude and airspeed, as well as landing and take-off patterns.

While our goal, of course, is to always safely deliver stunning aerial footage, flying in a more earth-friendly manner is better for everyone.


We will not infringe or impose upon, nor ignore or insult the customs or beliefs of any of the native cultures or peoples whose tribal lands and sacred spaces we are afforded the honor of working upon or flying above.  


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